Hi ‘regular mums’ or ‘regular mums to be’ or just anyone who shares an interest in the crazy vortex of caring for little humans. 

I had a long, tough and at one point very sad journey to get to becoming a mother. But I never gave up hope and the belief that I would one day get here. And here I am!!!    

I’m a proud mother to a 9 month year old healthy boy called Cruz. He’s more then everything I could have ever hoped for. 

I look back on the journey I had and realise it built me into the mum I am today. Into the mum I want to be for him. Into the person I want to be for myself also.

I used to be a professional dancer and have been lucky enough to travel and dance all over the world. 

I am now a stay at home mum. The two are very different. I’ve realised that being a mum is not without its challenges mentally, emotionally and physically. 

For me it was important to start a mum blog where I could ask my friends to open up and share with me the way they feel about this huge transition. Maybe questions I would never usually ask them. I think it’s great to hear everyone’s perspective on motherhood and it was also important to me that they also express themselves truthfully on how they’re feeling as a woman. 

Hope you enjoy it and get what you need from it, whatever that may be.

Lots of love,

Jodie Bellamy